25 Android smartphone contain severe vulnerabilities

Mobile device malware may still be far behind when it comes to the prevalence of threats crafted for traditional PC systems, but threat actors are seeking ways to compromise these important devices we use on a daily basis.
Contact lists, online banking credentials, social media accounts, images, videos, and more can all be enticing targets — and all of which can often be found on our mobile devices.
According to Kaspersky Lab, the volume of new mobile threats detected in the wild dropped by 11 percent in Q1 2018 in comparison to the previous quarter.
Out of those detected, unwanted RiskTool apps, Trojan droppers, and advertising apps were the most prevalent. The cybersecurity firm also recorded an uptick in mobile banking malware.
In order to compromise your mobile device, threat actors will often attempt to sneak malware-laden apps into Google Play, the official Android app store.