Android smartphones glitch

Android smartphones are susceptible to a strange glitch that shows recent text messages when a specific malformed web address is entered.

If you type "" (with two periods) into the Google app, it delivers a summary of recent conversations instead of performing a search or attempting to pull up the eponymous rock band's website.

Other Reddit users quickly pointed out that "Vizel viagens," "Izela viagens" and "Zela viagens" produced the same effect, and that the Galaxy S7, S8+, S9+ and HTC U11 weren't immune to the glitch, either.

At any rate, the bug appears to be non-threatening and only affects users who've given Google permission to access their device contacts.

Without that clearance, the glitch won't manifest and users instead see an access request prompt. At this stage, Google hasn't provided official comment; however, the likelihood is high that the glitch will be cleaned up in no time.